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Oldest memory of collecting coins is my father dropping a bag of coins down and showing me Eishenhower, Ben Franklin, and certain Quarter years and having me sort through them for him.


Fancy word, makes me think of prestidigitation, surprisingly somewhat related. "Watch me pull a quarter from behind your ear."

Woah, that's more than a quarter

Had to share this, apparently Harry Potter has taken over the prestidigitation world...

that is more like it

Sure most folks have seen or done these books before. Collected all the Roosevelt dimes you can?

Fun to do, fill the book up, collect them all like Pokemon. All done? Show them off a few times, get rid of them and collect a new book or so.

Numismatics, collecting the coins, enjoy the coins, celebrating trade and currency.

plastic added as well

Like sportscards, coin folks like plastic. Wrap them in Plastic. Unlike there grading system has a directly correlation to value. A 70, means 70 times more valuable. Unlike a 10 just means we find this good, or if Beckett the 1st place winner. So in that case it makes a bit easier to understand value. More quantitative quality of coins out there however. I tend to think means also more subjective tendencies. It's hard to see the difference between a 69 and 70 let alone understand what each grading company actually uses as a standard.

UnCirculated, Proofs, First day releases, and all kinds of fun to collect and enjoy in coins.


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