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Auction House for collectibles, coins, cards, cars, comics, and more.

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all that sushi

Love this, Collectible is not necessarily denoted as being monetary valuable.

Our auction house tends to find a price for everything but it's good to remember the value of something is unique to the person collecting it.


Another fun word, A curio is a small, usually fascinating or unusual item sought by collectors.

Curios for breakfast might be a possibility

Glad I read the wiki on this, contemporary collectable, means nothing more than mass produced. Certainly polite way of say that.


Investing, well let's say not all those that collect, invest and not all those that well... just try and not end up with piles of junk. Enough said.

Digital collecting and NFTs, you will never see NSE1 dealing with these. Have a hard enough time with real items let alone a fiat.

In history some of the first collectibles come down what do you know, cigarettes. Addictive as they were still had to package them with something else to sell.


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