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In Development. Process of wrapping cardboard in plastic to look more appealing, last longer, safer and secure. Also tamper free and logged and tracked. Hopefully we will have something for you by FootBall season 2022-2023!

So you want your card back?

By proceeding any agreements between NSE1 and you are VOID. You may damaged your card, injury yourself, the losses are on you.


This is not without risk. Do not open it if you feel uncomfortable with the possiblity of loss. It has unpredictable elements to it that could result in damage to you or your investment. It is almost a certainty that the slab will be garbaged after this procedure.

Our reasoning here is for example purposes, and the fact, the flip person misspelled JROD's name!

Tools Needed

tools slab

First you should have appropriate tools to get the job done. You have to have something thin enough to push into the seam of the slab.

Start at a Corner

cracking the corner

An NSE1 slab it's easiest to start at the corner. I tend to use the tip and push in, however you can snap the tip off and have sharp metal flying. It would be safer to use the edge and push in. Even use a rubber mallet or hammer on the back to force the wedge. The other reason for the corner is it's between grips of the slab which are located:

Move attentively along an edge

watch the turns

There are 6 points your going to have to break loose to seperate the slab. You can probably get three and get your card out and would recommend the two right sides and the bottom, however all would be for the best.

Wedge the edge

bigger is sometimes better

If you have one, using a plastic cracker behind your razor blade (thin instrument) would help you open the slab easier, but you do risk breaking the slab into several pieces and having a plastic shard exiting the backside of your card. Might try the pliers here as well and just peeling it off.

The method with the least risk in my opinion, is starting in the corner with the razor blade, moving through to the first point of latching noted above. Then insert your plastic cracker (or larger instrument) into the corner already seperated. Proceed with the razor around the edge at each point, following with pulling the plastic cracker behind, point to point.

Doing anything quicker, you risk breaking the slab. We want to avoid that if possible.

Finish up

all nice an opened!

With diligent work (unlike our flip maker) you can get this open without harming anything.

still cracking

Even with experience the proper tools and patience I cracked the plastic at a very dangerous spot right above the corner of the card. Thankfully the crack kept together and didn't decide to gouge out the top of this refractor.

Hopefully you will fair well in your attempt. Better yet, hope you don't have to!


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