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What The NSE?

What could NSE1 stand for?

  • NSE New Sports Expert #1
  • NSE National Sports Exchange #1
  • NSE Nuclear Science Expert
  • NSE Not Sure Everything
  • NSE Not Sister's Evening
  • NSE NoMore Secerts Everett
  • NSE Nana Sauce Everywhere
  • NSE Not Spelling Expert
  • NSE National Stock Exchange
  • NSE Nigerian Stock Exchange
  • NSE Nairobi Stock Exchange
  • NSE National Stock Exchange
  • NSE neuron-specific enolase
  • NSE Nanoscale Science and Engineering
  • NSE National Society for Epilepsy
  • NSE Needle and Syringe Exchange
  • NSE Naval Station Everett
  • NSE Nucleus Software Exports
  • NSE Nu Skin Enterprises
  • NSE Network Services Engine
  • NSE Network Software Environment
  • NSE Negative Stuff Event
  • NSE Named Signaling Event
  • NSE Network Support Encyclopedia
  • NSE Network Storage Executive
  • NSE Network Services Engine
  • NSE National Support Element
  • NSE Nagoya Stock Exchange
  • NSE Network Search Engine
  • NSE Nigerian Society of Engineers
  • NSE Nonprofit Social Enterprise
  • NSE Network Southeast
  • NSE Neutron Spin Echo
  • NSE Not Soon Enough
  • NSE Nuclear Safety Evaluation
  • NSE Nippon Steel Engineering
  • NSE North South Expressway
  • NSE Not Substantially Equivalent
  • NSE Neutral Stream Etch
  • NSE Namespace Extension
  • NSE Naval Support Element
  • NSE Network Storage Executive
  • NSE Network Service Entity
  • NSE Network Services Engineer
  • NSE Network Simulations Engineer
  • NSE Naval Shore Establishment
  • NSE Network State Evolution
  • NSE Non-Deployed Shorebased Equipment
  • NSE No Stuff Einstein
  • NSE No Sh*t Einstein #1 !!
  • NSE Network System Engineering
  • NSE Network Switching Element
  • NSE Noise Spectral Estimator
  • NSE NCOIC Standardization Evaluation
  • NSE Networking Systems Engineer
  • NSE Nuance Security Engine

Check in we aid (sp?) more as we find them.


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