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Presumptive Grading

One of the services we offer is taking the risk out of the purchasing of cards by supplying a promise that a certain card will hold it's value if graded. Buy with confidence that it will run a Near Mint, Mint or Gem mint grade with major grading companies such as PSA, Beckett, and others.

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This label shows that it has gone through the process of NSE1's presumptive grading service and has been determined to be a MINT condition card. This is what we call the "Grade Well Promise."

Grade Well Promise

This card given it's corners, edges, centering, and surface will rate a Mint condition or you can send it back to us.

Grade Well Process

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Surface. Cards can have a variety of issues on the surface that aren't always visible, pitting and scratching in particular will show given different lighting and angles.

Corner damage will also appear under these lighting tests and this is why we choose to do an alternate light exam on the card. Revealing a weak corner that the next bounce might dent it can be seen under different lighting.

Also we examine under UV the edges which can show chipping and flaking as it really pops!


Centering, most of us can see with the naked eye if it's has more space on one side or the other.

Grid takes a lot of the work of narrowing down grading points for centering. As we know, some grading companies grade harshly for centering and this grid, it's what they use!

Our UV test is also under magnification which is one of the last tests we do, which also us to refine over the edge, surface, and corners ensuring we did a quality job.

where is the party

Finally we compare to known GEM MINT 10s and PRISTINEs that have come through our collection and have gone to spec. Every card has a comparison to them and we keep it on file for this purpose. Replacing when we find the new "Best" of card specification. This serves two purposes.

One consistency, if we aren't comparing to what we have seen in the past then there is no average line to work with.

Two standard of excellence. A little harder to explain, but in the world of grading, only cards that have been graded can be compared to each other. The previous best of class card, might get dethroned by a card in the population of ungraded. The only way to keep a progress standard is to have a specification of which we prescribe to for each card graded.

In other words there is a 1st or BEST Justin Herbert Grid Iron Kings #GK-3 that we compare. Until a better one comes along, that is the SPECIFICATION.

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